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    Friday, December 11, 2009




    Check your REAL e-mail.

    Friday, January 16, 2009

    Invisibility Cloak? This isn't Harry Potter is it?

    Researchers at Duke University are coming close to creating an actual "invisibility cloak". Very small metamaterials have been designed that can bend microwaves around a three dimensional object. Recently, the wavelengths it can bend have been widely broadened, hopefully to reach our visible light spectrum in the near future. This may very well be the first step in the design of an actual "invisibility cloak". Don't be checking eBay quite yet, it still may be a while.

    Thursday, January 15, 2009

    Life on Mars?

    Recent studies of the planet Mars have had some surprising results. Large traces of Methane have been found in areas of the planet. This could be from one of two reasons.

    1. Volcanic activity

    2. Microbes

    If it happens to be from reason two then we may have found the first traces of micro-lifeforms on any planet other than earth. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

    Winter Fact:Cold and Sick

    It's common knowledge to most people that going outside without a coat or hat = getting sick. But is this really true? It seems true due to the fact that sickness increases by a significant percentage more in the winter than in any other given season. But, does the temperature actually affect your body's tolerance to disease. The answer is surprisingly no. Yes, more people do get sick in the winter, but in actuality it's due to the fact that people avoid going outside more in the winter. Because people stay inside more in the winter, airborn viruses such as the rhynovirus (the common cold) and the flu, spread between people much easier. When you're inside, around more people, stress levels increase, lowering your body's ability to fight disease. Chemicals your body is exposed to indoors also weaken your immune system. The only affect the actual winter itself will have on you is that due to a lower exposure to sunlight in the winter, your body cannot make vitamin D as effectively, as it uses sun rays to make it. People also eat less healthy in the winter because of less availabilty of fresh fruits and vegetables. So do your family a favor and go play out in the snow if you have any. Enjoy the rest of your winter/cold season.

    Happy Blogging

    Hello readers, the millions that I have. I've decided to make a list of why I started a blog:

    1. Kill time.

    2. To give myself the title "Blogger"

    3. To teach my readers something they didn't know before.

    4. To change your perception of the world.

    5. To challenge you to ask [why?].

    7. To acquire large amounts of WIN!
    Happy reading!